How to add percentage in the pivot table?


I'm new to Domo. Is there any way how to add a percentage in the pivot table? So, besides the total, I would also like to know the percentage of each category.

Thank you.

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  • It's also worth pointing that sometimes you can achieve the same look by using the mega table, which will give you the option to just check a box to get percent of total instead of having to write a beast mode.

    This will depend on how you are wanting to present the data, but is worth looking into.

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  • Hi @amehdad thank you for the suggestion. I just tried using the formula you have suggested, and somehow I got an error.

    I create a pivot table card based on the data that I have.

    I would like to show the percentage in the column, so it will look like this spreadsheet pivot table that I previously create

    I'm using the formula you've suggested:



    Sum(Sum('Organization')) over (partition by 'Employee')

  • it says:

    "An issue has occurred during processing. We are unable to complete the request at this time."

  • Sorry, I just have time to try it. It's working now. Thanks for the suggestion. @amehdad