Domo Detailed Dataview Duplicates (DDDD)

Hi Domo Community,

We are running DOMO on top of Snowflake DB.

My problem relates to a detailed view of a card, something like this:

To get this results displayed, DOMO runs a DB query which looks something like this:

SELECT <columns>

FROM <the table>


If the dataset is bigger than 50 rows, you need to scroll down using the slide bar to get another 50 rows loaded into the DOMO view:

Now, when you do that, the DOMO engine runs exactly the same query as above to retrieve the rows.

SELECT <columns>

FROM <the table>


I think you already see my problem, anytime i use the sidebar, it loads 50 random rows from the WHOLE dataset, so eventually, the DOMO view ends up with duplicates or missing rows entirely.

I also know that the SHARE/EXCEL EXPORT button works well, as the LIMIT in that query is rather huge, but I'd like to fix the results in the DOMO data view.

Is there any way or a trick how to remedy this issue?

If there is a thread about it, please direct me.




  • Hi @George_LL

    This sounds like a bug. I would reach out to Domo support and raise this issue with them.

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