Redshift Unable to create database.


We are getting the below error when trying to build a Redshift dataflow:

We are unable to run previews, and we are unable to run the dataflow itself. It fails every time we try to run.

Any idea what is causing this issue?


  • GrantSmith

    It's very likely some backend issue that Domo will need to take a look at. I'd recommend reaching out to Domo Support as they'd have more insight into the exact error that's occurring.

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  • walker_page

    Thank you, @GrantSmith. I just opened a ticket with DOMO Support.

  • I would try and create a new redshift dataflow and copy in one step at a time and save and run it after each step to see if there is a particular step that causes the issue. This will help support out if you run into something and your syntax is something that the dataflow should be handling.

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