How to Share Pages without Sharing Data Set?

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I've been working on a few Dashboards in Domo that have sensitive data in the underlying data set. The cards I've built have aggregated this data so it isn't identifiable and I've turned the filter options off and locked the page. Therefore, anyone I could share the page with would not be able to filter to the sensitive information.

However, it seems that whenever I try to only share the page (by removing access to the data set), the viewer cannot see any data at all. Is there anyway to share pages and/or cards without also providing data access?

Follow up question: When using PDP, can access to entire columns be removed? It looks like I can setup PDP restrictions based on values in certain columns, but sometimes I don't want anyone to have access to any data in those columns.

Thanks in advance.


  • GrantSmith

    PDP is the way to go when limiting access to the different records in your dataset however PDP can’t hide a specific column. I’d recommend a dataset view to not select the columns with PDP to restrict access to solve your issues

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  • nshively

    " I’d recommend a dataset view to not select the columns with PDP to restrict access to solve your issues"

    How does this work, or are you saying I should just remove the sensitive columns via ETL before sharing? I don't think that will work because I at least need those columns to do the calculations.

    Here's a basic example, I need to create a table with a count of all the different job codes within the company. In order to to this, I need EmployeeID and JobCode data. EmployeeID is a sensitive field but JobCode is not. I do not need EmployeeID displayed on my chart but it is necessary to conduct the count of JobCode. EmployeeID is not anywhere on my cards or pages, but if someone was given full access to the dataset, they could see the list of EmployeeIDs.

    All I want to be able to do, is share the output visualizations that do not have sensitive data but require using sensitive data in the backend to conduct the calculations. I feel like this is a standard feature in most visualization tools.

  • nshively

    @GrantSmith Alternatively, it looks like I can restrict access to only see cards/pages through the Groups settings under Admin, and not allow access to the dataset.

    However, users could still potentially filter down to sensitive information on card filters. It looks like I can lock Page filters but can I also lock card filters? I haven't found an option for that.

  • In your example with counting Employee IDs and Job Codes, in order to not show the Employee IDs, you can use Magic ETL to aggregate the information for you by using Group By and Count and then build the card off the resulting output dataset. That way, the dataset that is used for the card does not have sensitive information.

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