How to include include Pie chart inside Map Chart


I have created a Map chart that represents 'Number of Universities 'in each state in US.

I would like to add a 'Pie' chart inside each state so that I could bring information on how many Private Vs Public universities each state contains. I want to make a chart something like below,

With DOMO Map chart, however I could bring Number of Universities statewise - I could not represent the type of university inside each state. My DOMO card looks like,

It would be great if someone helps me bring Pie representation inside Map view to improve the visualization. Thanks in advance !



  • You could create a drill path so that when a user clicks on a state, it would take them to a pie chart to show them that public vs private.

    Your other option would be to have a quick filter that a user can select public or private or both and the map would change based on the filter.

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  • GrantSmith

    Our of the box it’s not possible to combine both of those charts in the same visualization. As @MarkSnodgrass mention you could use a drill path which requires the user to click into the graph. @amehdad21 mentioned you could do the tooltip but if you want a pie chart on the map chart you’d need to do a custom app. You might also talk with your CSM about this specific use case to see if there are any betas available which might allow you solve your issue.

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  • @Dharshini ,

    this isn't the answer that you want... but WHY are you displaying the data as a pie chart in a map? The data in ME is unlegible.

    if you had a map, and your metric % of all schools that are public, you would communicate the exact same inforrmation with one number less ink.

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