Creating a Card Deep Link Beast Mode - Multiple Filters


Have been searching the Dojo and KB this morning for info on this and I'm not finding the solution. Also, not seeing documentation on Card Deep Links (do see for pages) - is this still supported?

I have a card that shows inventory information and users are asking for a way to "see" who is buying the inventory most often. I have another card that shows this information and can be filtered to the branch and item to see which customers are buying.

I'd like to create a Deep Link to this card with the branch and item filters from the inventory card.

I can get the Deep Link to work for one or the other filter by using this format:

CONCAT('<ahref=''','{"column":"branch","dataSourceId":"DatasetID","dataType":"string","operand":"Operand Type","values":["',`branch`,'"]}]','''target="_blank" title="Deep Link">','Link Display Name','</a>')

I've tried the beast mode below to add the item filter but when I click the link the card opens with no filters applied:

CONCAT('<ahref=''','{"column":"branch","dataSourceId":"DatasetID","dataType":"string","operand":"Operand Type","values":["',`branch`,'"]}]',

,'{"column":"item","dataSourceId":"DatasetID","dataType":"string","operand":"Operand Type","values":["',`item`,'"]}]','''target="_blank" title="Deep Link">','Link Display Name','</a>')

Any help would be appreciated.



  • @swagner are you able to make the filter work with JUST the item filter? make sure that works first. THEN try creating an array where you pass

    pfilters=[{branch dictionary}, {item dictionary}]

    notice pfilters is an array (square brackets) not a dictionary.

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  • GrantSmith

    Hi @swagner

    I've taken a stab at it to help simplify the code a bit and make sure your spaces are correct and closing brackets are aligned.

    CONCAT('<a href=''[{"column":"branch","dataSourceId":"DatasetID","dataType":"string","operand":"Operand Type","values":["',`branch`,'"]},{"column":"item","dataSourceId":"DatasetID","dataType":"string","operand":"Operand Type","values":["',`item`,'"]}]''' target="_blank" title="Deep Link">','Link Display Name','</a>')
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