Email Connector unable to find link in automated email, but can find link in forwarded email

RichardC Member
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Hi Guys,

I recently encountered an issue with DOMO email connector.

I scheduled a report sent to DOMO email connector and myself with link in the email body that leads to a file download.

When the automated email was sent the DOMO would show error: "Domo is ready, but was unable to find any links in the email."

However, if I forward this email to the connector email address DOMO would be able find the link and download the data successfully.

Any ides why would this happen and how to fix it?



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @RichardC

    My guess is that when the email is being automatically sent its just sending the URL as text and not a link itself. When you're forwarding the email your mail client then helpfully makes the URL into a link which Domo can then find. There isn't a simple way to fix this unless you can get the email to send an attachment or actually make it a link.

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