What TYPE of post should I make?

AnnaYardley Domo Employee

When you click the "New Post" button on the Community Forum, there are 3 types of posts you can make. To make sure you'll get the most out of your post, make the right type of post by reading the uses for each below. 

New Question

If you are posting on the forum looking to get an answer in return, a Question is the right type of post. These types of posts allow you to mark an "accepted answer" once a reply answers your question. The "accepted answer" will be tagged so future searches will be able to easily determine which reply is most helpful.

New Discussion

If you are posting on the forum to get a conversation started, a Discussion is the right type of post. Discussions don't have an "accepted answer" option, but are meant to spark a thread of replies to bounce ideas, best practices, or debate around a topic. 

New Idea

If you are posting a product enhancement idea on the forum, an Idea is the right type of post. All Idea-type posts live in the Ideas Exchange. Idea posts have the ability to "upvote" -- signaling that you "second" the idea that another user posted. All ideas that get a significant amount of upvotes get reviewed directly by the product team and heavily considered for implementation into the Domo product. 

Have any further questions on what type of post to make? Drop them below 👇🏼 If not, go make a new post!


  • HowDoIDomo

    Thank you for clarifying! I was really confused about this earlier today 🤦‍♂️

  • @Anna Yardley If you could add the ability for a user to change a topic to a question after they posted, that would be extremely useful. So often, people start a topic when they intended to start a question and they don't have the ability to mark an answer as accepted. If you can give them the ability to change their post from a topic to a question so that they can mark a response as an accepted answer, that would be great.

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