Domo Custom APP - Domo Phoenix MEGA_TABLE Chart don't show total_row

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Hi to all,

I have a DCA that use Domo Phoenix to show the data (es:

I'm using the MEGA_TABLE (select "Mega Table" from

This is the charSetting of the chart:

  "width": 1230,
  "height": 180,
  "backgroundColor": "#E8E8E8",
  "properties": {
    "allow_wrap": true,
    "enable_sorting": true,
    "header_row": "Center",
    "header_row_fill_color": "#CAD4D1",
    "column_widths": "12,9,9,11,11,9,9,9,9,11,9,9,9",
    "total_row": true,
    "total_row_label": "Total",
    "attr_total_row": "Bold"

Domo correctly generates the table but not adds the total row, can someone explain to me why?

Where am I wrong?



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @StefanoG if you think it's a bug, this is something you'd want to send to support.

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  • StefanoG
    StefanoG Member
    edited August 2021

    Ok thanks,

    but I'm not sure that is a bug, i wish to know if someone else has encountered this problem.

  • @StefanoG Have you figured this out? One thing I noticed is that your column widths don't add up to 100%. They add up to 126%. That could be affecting things. If you comment out all properties will it display something? I would then try adding in properties one at a time, starting with the total row property and see where things go badly for you.

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  • StefanoG

    Hi Mark,

    we have already spoken with the support and thet said that this is a know issue when a mega_table is used in a DCA