Multi-Value chart percent change error?


Hello all,

Wondering if there is a way this value is calculated and where the error could be.

Chart 1: Current Month - Value 94.83 | Change is -0.62 when compared to 1 month ago (aka previous month)

Previous Month:

Value = 95.42%

Difference Actual: 95.42% - 94.83% = 0.59%

Why does Domo calculate this as 0.62%

and this variance of 0.3 fluctuates by different cards/time periods - Is this a bug or am I missing something in the way it's calculated. Thank you for your time and insights



  • GrantSmith

    Hi @gospel

    Its calculating the percentage difference between your two values and not the percentage point difference like you’re expecting

    (95.42-94.83)/94.83 = .00618 * 100 = 0.62%

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