Can you Insert multiple X-Axis?

I'm attempting to build a new chart where there are multiple columns with a single value for an individual. I know this isn't an optimal data set, and I've reworked it for another dashboard, but I would like to keep it in this format if possible. I believe other data visualization tools allow you to add multiple x/y-axis but I can't find a way to do this in Domo.

Data example:

Person Name Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4

John 1 3 7 2

Erik 4 2 6 5

I want to be able to drop each question as a value on the X-axis, so that I can track the value o each question by each person or the total/average of each question by all people.

The reason I want this data structured in this way is because I want a single row per person in my data set. I want to attach this data to another set of data I have that's already about 100 columns and I don't want any duplicate rows.

I've already reworked this data as follows, but I need the about format for a separate dashboard:

Name Question Value

John Q1 1

John Q2 3

John Q3 7



  • If you're wanting to just view it as a table you can utilize a Pivot Table card.

    You can set the name as the rows and the question as the columns with your value as the value.

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  • @GrantSmith

    Unfortunately, I don't need it in a table form. I already have it available in a table. I'm trying to join it to an existing table that is just 1 row per person.

    The end goal is to add this question data to a current dashboard that can be filtered using the same data set. That way I could simultaneously look at something like Count of all people and Average score of all questions.

    If I try to use the second table I built, using Count on the People column would not be accurate because each person would have a row per question. I could technically create a different chart for every question, but there are 50+ questions and it would not be very aesthetically pleasing or user friendly.

  • You might want to look at using the Trellis properties for your chart. That provides a form of multiple x-axis functionality.

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  • Hi @MarkSnodgrass

    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this didn't quite work out how I had hoped and was instead giving numerical values along the X-axes instead of the category names.

    At this point, I don't think that the table is built in a way that can support the type of visualization I'm looking for. I'll likely have to build 2 separate dashboards and potentially use this table to cross reference data if necessary.

    I appreciate the input, everyone.