How do I get my role changed?

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My organization uses Domo in conjunction with Brightspace. In BS, I'm the Super Administrator, but in Domo, I'm an Author.

Who do I contact to get either Admin or Privileged roles in Domo?

Right now I:

  • Can't see when admin owned datasets were last run 
  • Can't delete pages I created
  • Need to edit PDP
  • Need to be able to assign people Author roles
  • etc.

In Domo, I can see we have 2 admins, but they're generic D2L email addresses.


  • Hi @MB_Dem

    You'll need to work with your Domo Admins to get your role changed as only the Admins typically can do this. If they're generic D2L emails - who owns those emails? Can you work with your IT team to get access to those accounts to give yourself access? Have you talked with your Major Domo?

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