"Unable to load the Data Source" - DataSet via Email



I'm hoping someone can help with a problem that I can't find any information about anywhere.

I have two DataSet via Email connectors that receive similar data in the form of "Email Body as HTML".

Both were working, and had received a few hundred emails over a couple of weeks.

I am now getting an "Unable to load the Data Source" message when I try to access either data set. I can't view details, view data, or do anything with the data sets.

I created another DataSet via Email data set which is working, but I would like to be able to access the other ones, and understand what it wrong.

I'm the owner of the data sets, and also an administrator.




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @calebtyrone

    You’ll want to log a ticket with support as it sounds like an issue on the back end they could help investigate.

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  • calebtyrone

    Thanks Grant, I'll do that.

  • MichelleH

    I ran into a similar issue with two of my email datasets a couple weeks ago and submitted a support case for it. My IT department's best guess was that something was corrupted in the emails, since they were both based on automated emails from the same source system within a day of each other.

    I ultimately ended up closing the case after I was able to rebuild the datasets from new connectors and it seemed like an isolated incident, but I'm curious to see if support finds anything else.