Total row sum % instead of doing the % calculation



I use one beastmode to give me the MTD % of achievement vs the MTD Target.

On one card it work with this rule :

sum(`product_A`)/(SUM(DISTINCT `product_a_Target_dly`)*DAY(CURDATE()))

So it's giving me the MTD % even in the total row.

I use the same formula on another card but with product_B.... and the total row show me a sum of all the percentage instead of doing the calculation.

I don't find what I'm doing bad.... is there a way for the total row to apply the calculation and not summing it ?

PS : If i put over () at the end... it work but then the % if wrong for all the store. Only the total row become good.

Thanks :)


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @Adrien

    the total row is calculated on the card after the beast mode is calculated so it’s adding your percentages instead of calculating your total percentage.

    if you want a total row you need to use an ETL to group your data together and sum all your columns using a group by tile then using an add constant tile put the value of total in your label field then append this row to your original dataset. Now your beast mode will work for the “total” row without telling your card to do the total row on it (it’s now included in your dataset)

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  • Adrien

    oh I see !

    Will do that :)

    Thank you !

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @Adrien most days of the week if you're doing SUM(DISTINCT) you've designed your data ... poorly. usually this happens b/c people JOIN their Actuals to Daily_Forecast and then use SUM(DISTINCT) to avoid double counting targets.

    Don't. UNION your datasets.

    If you continue the road you're on, if you had two separate products with different daily forecast OR if you had the same forecast across two days, you'd misrepresent your forecast. consider this alternative.

    Jae Wilson
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  • Adrien

    Oh great video !! I have taken a lot of notes haha

    Thanks a lot !