Dynamic Text to work with Global Page Filters



I am trying to create a dashboard that has data from various datasets but each dataset has its own date column.

I want the dynamic text to work with the Global Date filters - not finding anything within the knowledge base of this. I've found if I clicked on a specific graph with the month it would drill down the data for the dynamic text for the month but I just want to be able to click the global date filters and select this month and it filters everything on the page - dynamic text, charts, etc.

Let me know if this works for anyone.


  • GrantSmith

    You’d need to have the field be the same name if you’re using a filter card for filtering on your page. If you’re using the page filter at the top it’ll filter based on the date field defined on each cards date selection.

    Im not sure how your dynamic text is being generated but it should get updated automatically if you’re using a beast mode and the page filters

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