Does anyone know how to build this card in the covid dashboard?

Does anyone know how to build this card?



  • Hi @JZz

    There are several custom visualizations that Domo has done for the Covid dashboard and I believe that violin plot is one of them. There isn't a violin plot available out of the box within Domo and would require a custom app to visualize the data in this way.

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  • That is the scatter card type under Data Science. You can build it by putting your state/region in the X-Axis. Use a day calculation in the Y-Axis, such as DATEDIFF(CURDATE(),'dt') . Put your measurement, such as total infections in the Bubble Size field. You can add the state/region in the series to make different colors.

    Here is a quick mockup using the Domo COVID Time Series Tracker Data dataset.

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  • Alexis Built this for the Covid dashboard.

    You can see the layout of the table

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