Can you upload filters for values that don't exist yet?

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My Domo data comes entirely from Brightspace datasets and we're in the early stages of user adoption of Brightspace. I'm running into the problem where I want to create filters, but Domo only lets me filter on existing data, I can't type in filter values pre-emptively.

Example: I want to create a filter that shows how many users graduated from Professor A, B, and C's classes.

  • I have a dataset that shows all graduates and their associated professors
  • But only Professor A and C have graduates. No one from Professor B's classes have graduated, so they don't exist in my dataset.
  • Therefore when trying to apply filters, when I filter on Professor Names, I can select from Professor A and C, but B doesn't appear as an option

Am I missing a really easy solution? I'd love not to have to keep re-checking my reports month by month and adding in the "missing" filter options as they slowly become available.

My random guess is that I could upload a csv file with the values I need, but I don't know how to use it after it's uploaded...

Solutions I tried but discarded:

  • Building the filter on the graduates' names. There are 171 in my filter list, but since not all of them have graduated yet, their names don't appear in the data.
  • Filtering on who's paying for the graduate. Unfortunately the graduates are coming from a subset of 4 larger cost centres.



  • MarkSnodgrass

    I assume you are talking about quick filters on a card. When adding a field to the filters section, just drag it in and don't pre-select anything. Just toggle the Display as Quick Filter to be enabled. As your data changes, new values will automatically show up and you won't need to do anything to the card.

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