Creating a Custom Segment of a Clustered Bar Chart


With the recent update which added segments I was wondering if it is now possible to add custom segments of a clustered bar chart. For example, with the chart below I have YoY sales by week, but filtered to only show week 16-28:

I see in the segments tool that it is possible to create segments which ignore filters, would that make it so I can create a custom segment, in this case something along the lines of a "pre week 16" average set of bars to go before WK16?

On a side note, is there any way to remove the spaces between the bars within the same category in the below chart so they look similar to the clustered + symbol chart above without having to use symbols?

Thank you!


  • handful of questions. why 16 to 28? is that b'c you're specifically interested in that point of time or is the timeframe dependent on today()'s date? (in which case build your filters and axis on a variant of the current_date() function.

    if it were me I would build an offset date dimension table so I can use other chart types than just the Period Over Period.

    if your months are selected based on a lag from today's date, i'd implement that in the offset date dim.

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  • @jaeW_at_Onyx The time frame is defined by a beast mode which filters out any week after 15 and any week prior to the current date.

    What I'm looking to do here is essentially what you see in this excel chart below (ignore the # & axis differences, this is separate data):

    The reason we want to go this route is the chart doesn't have too many bars that it isn't easily readable.

    Is the tutorial you linked capable of producing the end result seen in this excel chart?

  • Essentially what I am asking is is there a way to aggregate columns that have the same name and average their values into one column? As you can see above, when I use a beast mode to rename weeks 1-15 as Pre WK16 AVG, instead of aggregating them they are each shown.

  • @User_32612

    I'm assuming you're using a beast mode for your x-axis - do you have any fields listed in your sorting? That may throw off your grouping. You may want to come up with a similar beast mode to define your sorting such that anything pre week 16 would be a value of 15 so that they'd sort and group based on the same value.

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  • @GrantSmith

    I decided to make a calculated column in my dataflow and that successfully aggregated the "Pre WK16 AVG" into one column. I hadn't realized that the calculated columns in data flows behave differently that beast mode, this should be useful info moving forward. Thanks for the assistance!

  • Glad you got it figured you!

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