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Has anyone successfully recreated the canned dashboard reports found on the Ingishts Portal landing page? We oversee a few universities and currently what is presented to us is only offered at a high level which allows users to see data from other institutions. In order for this to be useful for us, we would need to be able to filter it down to an institutional level.

  1. Has anyone successfully recreated these reports on their own?
  2. Is it possible for Domo to create a copy of these reports and grant us admin rights to edit these reports?
  3. Is there any way to take a dashboard that is owned by D2L and copy it over to my Overview section so I don't have to try to recreate them from scratch?

We are just getting started with Domo and I am a staff of 1 so any help would be appreciated.



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    what is the insights portal?

    3) why would you recreate it? the overview page is unique to each user. it seems ... counterintuitive to create a dashboard that only you have access to.

    typically people only copy a handful of cards that are uniquely important to them to their overview page.

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  • EWold
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    Thanks for your response, but this is outside of the overview page. The Insights Portal for us is a separate page that displays reports created by D2L on a landing page. We have no access to edit these reports and they display the same for all users.