Separate metrics on Multi-line Card?


Am I crazy, or did we lose the ability to put a second metric in the "Series" section and have it display as a second line rather than the second metric being used as a true series? I'm trying to move an old card to a new dataset, and I've now lost the ability to have multiple metrics on a multi-line card? What am I missing?



  • GrantSmith


    I'm still able to put multiple metrics under the series and they plot the individual values using a line graph. Are your metrics actually green (metrics) or is it blue (dimension)? Which card type are you using?

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  • RBGatTGTandBE

    They're both green (Newness Items - Historical, and All Items); trying to put them on a multi-line card. When I add the second metric (doesn't matter which one I put in the Y Axis or Series section - they both do the same thing), it assumes the dollar values as the segmentation.

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Try other chart types. From what you're displaying Domo is working as expected.

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  • RBGatTGTandBE

    I get what you're saying Jae, from the straight perspective of a Y-axis metric and a Series, but as Grant alluded to, it used to be that if you put a (green) metric in the Series spot, it would display a regular line. I have dozens of cards that took advantage of this feature (bug?).

    But now if I edit the card, try to move it to a new dataset, or change it in any way, I need to change it to a different chart type (and potentially render my dashboard inconsistent), or build a dataflow to normalize every metric as a separate row (and, potentially not coincidentally, many companies' Domo contracts are written so that more rows of data stored equals higher fees).

    It's frustrating to take a step backward in capability...