Allowing DrillDowns on Pages/ dashboards


Excuse the category, on every browser it only allows me to choose 'DataFlows' - must be a temporary Domo website glitch.

Hey all -- I'm a bit green here but how would you enable drilling down on the dashboard level? It seems to apply filters as the default behavior (aka select this element). It would be nice if a user could either drill to a pre-defined slice/ entity (like weeks, months, whatever) -- or even better, give the user options to drill down.

It appears drill downs work at the card level, but default to filtering behavior at the dashboard level. Anyway to allow the dashboard builder to configure this themselves?


  • Chris220

    Hi -- just figured it out myself. Domo stories dashboards only, configure card interaction, "drill in place" -- then it will cycle through any of the various drill paths you've enable (so Week, then Month, so on if you configured them) -- would be nicer if a popup came up with the potential drill options but just an opinion.