Google Analytics Transaction ID failed to Parse


Hi all,

I've read through the other replies on this topic, but none seem to help.

I am attempting to join our CMS data with Google Analytics via 'Transaction ID'.

When I do so, I continually receive the error message: Failed parse text '1234567890-loc' from column 'Transaction ID' as type 'Integer'.

*sample number, not the actual digits

Things I have tried:

  • 'Text Formatting' to show only numbers
  • 'Alter Column' turning Transaction ID into text (as well as its counterpart on the other data set)
  • 'String Operations' to remove spaces on both ends
  • Various combinations of the above 3

What else can I do?




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user027926

    if you only want the numbers from your ID field then you’d need to remove non-digits from your field and then convert it to a number (assuming both fields should be numeric)

    Have you tried a replace text using a regular expression?




    Make sure you select the Use RegEx option from the config menu in the replace text field and have it replace with an empty string

    (I’m on mobile sorry for the poor formatting)

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