Teams webhook on alerts


Does anyone have configured a Teams' webhook on Action section for alerts? When I insert my incoming webhook url and try to send a test, it's failing.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @guilhermekido

    What does Teams expect the payload to look like? The webhook for alerts delivers messages in a specific payload format which isn't compatible with several applications (Slack in my instance). I ended up having to write a middle layer application which essentially took a JSON request and reformatted it, then sent it to the final endpoint that I needed.

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  • paulikeda

    I had to do something similar to @GrantSmith but my endpoint was Microsoft Teams. The webhook body that Domo sends is very basic:


     "name": "{alertTitle}",

     "id": "0",

     "alertId": "0",

     "message": "{alertMessage}",

     "timestamp": "00000000"


    Microsoft Teams (or more specifically their Adaptive Card format) requires additional information and a different syntax (the docs).

    I used Webhook Relay to intercept, manipulate, and forward the data. I listed the basic steps here.

    Now in our Microsoft Teams channel, Domo card alerts get pushed.

  • mdlmarkham

    Nice work, @paulikeda I'd like to know more about how you did that. Seems like something that should be a a standard integration…