Creating Repayment Rate by Group

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I want to create a chart that shows repayment rate by each customer segment

Repayment Rate = Repayment/Outstanding

I followed this topic ( because I found a similar solution there, however it didn't show how you'd do it if there's multiple groups you'd like to split the Rate calculation with. I managed to produce the correct calculation, but without groups.

The table I'm going for (no group):

The table where I applied grouping in the ETL:

If there's anyone that could help, that'd be great. Please let me know if you need any details on the dataset, ETL, etc.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @pangeran_zuko

    If you don't want the groups have you removed the partitions from your window function to get a total across your entire dataset? Or if you're wanting to calculate a total within a group with multiple criteria have you added those additional fields in the partition clause?

    What specifically do you mean by "splitting the rate calculation" with multiple groups? What are these groups? Do you need to group by those groupings in your ETL?

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