Google Analytics Advanced Connector - dataset showing multiple rows per Month

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I have datasets with Month of Year selected as dimension from Google Analytics Advanced Connector and I noticed that some of my datasets are producing multiple rows per month while some do not. When summing up the values, they do add up to the total except for averaged columns (i.e. Avg. Page Load Time, Avg. Session Duration, etc.). To add, I use the Filter option to filter only specific pages for some of my datasets. But regardless if there are Filters or not, datasets are still producing multiple rows.

Here's my sample dataset with multiple rows per month:

Does it have something to do with my selected metrics/dimensions/Date Range? Or does it have something to do with my Filters? Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!


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    I did some testing by combining metrics in separate datasets by combining metrics together. It seems that when there are Filters applied in the connector settings and User is selected from the metrics, the rows are being broken down into multiple rows based on those filter conditions.