Email connector not finding link

Hi there! According to the KB article for the Email Connector this should be working correctly, but here I am :)

I receive a nightly scheduled XLSX report from a third party reporting tool. They recently stopped attaching the report to the email and instead put it a link to a page which then downloads the file from AWS. That is the only link in the email body and it's labeled "Download Excel". Unfortunately I have no ability to edit what that link says, but according to KB, "If a link with the file type cannot be not found, the connector will look for a link that contains "report" or "download"." - I assumed since the word "download" was in this link it would identify it but I get the error message "Domo is ready, but was unable to find any links in the email."

Any advice on how I can have the connector identify this link? I notice if I switch to "Download directly from link in email" I can enter the string that identifies the link needed, but that option is not present on "Download from link to page" which is the option I need here (the link goes to a page which auto-downloads the report and shows the file name, including the type, as a link to manually download but the link in the email is not directly to the file so this option just returns a different error instead: "Domo is ready, but an email was received that did not contain the specified file type.")


  • Hi @OllieSouthgateAKA

    In the actual URL in your email (not the clickable link text) - does that have either report or download in the link?

    When you go to that new page - Does the actual hyperlink on that page link to an actual XLSX file or is it some other type of link? Does that link on the page have either "report" or "download" in the URL?

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  • Thanks Grant. I see what you mean. I was assuming the "report"/"download" terms were based on the link text, not the URL. The link from the email does indeed contain the word download, but the link on the page that then opens is a javascript command "loadURL()". As I mention though the file does also auto-download as soon as that page is loaded so the link only needs to be clicked if that fails for some reason (which I have not seen happen). Will I have any luck configuring the email connector to get the file that way?

  • I don’t think the email download would work in this case as it can’t find the link on the page. Are there other ways to get the data? Do they have an API?

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  • They do indeed but since they are a vendor of a vendor I was hoping to avoid having to go down that route, but with this confirmed I'll get that process. Thanks for your help Grant!