Ordering Pages/Sub-Pages for other users

Jaketh13 Contributor
edited March 2023 in Scheduled Reports

More a helpful workaround than a question.

If you want to be able to order pages or subpages for a group of people, you'll notice that all pages and subpages show up for a given user in the order they were shared with that user. The exception is Company Pages, but you can't have all pages as company pages.

What you can do is add the pages or parent pages to the list of company pages, reorder the pages/subpages, and then remove them from being Company Pages. Other users should now see those pages in the same order that you put them in while they were Company Pages.

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  • RobynLinden
    RobynLinden Contributor

    @Jaketh13 thanks for this - you should put an idea in the Ideas Exchange to make this something admins can control without the workaround. Would be happy to upvote if you do!

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  • GrantSmith

    Thanks for the workaround @Jaketh13 !

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  • JonavilCello

    Thank you for this @Jaketh13 . Although the pages would go back to it's original order after removing them from the being company pages.. Am I doing it wrong?