How to get number of followers each month from Twitter advanced connector?


Hi there!

I can't seem to figure out how to pull the number of followers my account has each month. If I use the followers report, it returns a list of current followers. Should I append each month and just do a count as the number of followers? That seems kind of crazy as the dataset will get huge and there's a possibility of losing previous data.




  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user015090

    It looks like the Twitter API doesn't give you a count of followers for each month. You can utilize a recursive dataflow to have your twitter dataset as an input, group based on the BATCH_RUN timestamp (you can convert this to a date or just a year and month). Group by this year & month value and count the number of followers you have in your Twitter dataset. Then append this aggregated to your output dataset. You'll want to make sure your Twitter dataset is configured to REPLACE to overwrite old data.

    Typically recursive DataFlows can be an issue when you have a large dataset but since you're only taking monthly snapshots (1 row per month) you'll be fine.

    Here's some documentation for recursive DataFlows:

    Magic ETL 2.0: Creating a Recursive/Snapshot DataFlow in Magic ETL v2 (Beta)

    Magic ETL 1.0: Creating a Recursive/Snapshot ETL DataFlow

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  • user015090

    Hi @GrantSmith

    This will work. Thank you!