Help with exclude formula

Used this formula

(CASE when `vessel`like('%RB%') then 'exclude'

 when `vessel`like('%ROLL%') then 'exclude'

 when `vessel`like('%ADV%') then 'exclude'

 when `vessel`like('%REQ%') then 'exclude'

 when `vessel`='' then 'exclude'

else 'include' end)

thinking using:

when 'vessel'='' then 'exclude'

would work to exclude the blank cells as well as the others. it did not.

Was given suggestion to use:


 when `Vessel` like('%RB%') then 'Exclude'

 when `Vessel` like('%ROLL%') then 'Exclude'

 when `Vessel` like('%ADV%') then 'Exclude'

 when `vessel` like('%REQ%') then 'Exclude'

 when IFNULL(`Vessel`,'Y')= 'Y' then 'Exclude'

 when `vessel`='' then 'exclude'

 else 'Include'


This also did not work to exclude the blank cells. If I use


by itself and it works, but I can't get it to combine with the other logic.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


  • You can add this as another WHEN statement:

    WHEN 'vessel' IS NULL THEN 'exclude'

    Also for your when `vessel`='' then 'exclude' statement, try changing it to:

    when TRIM(`vessel`) ='' then 'exclude'

    This will remove any spaces that are in the field.

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  • DuncanDomo
    DuncanDomo Contributor

    Hey @Ritwik

    I think @MarkSnodgrass is probably right, some how maybe you have nulls and empty strings in there..

    here's Mark's idea in one case statement...

    	when `Vessel` like '%RB%' then 'Exclude'
            when `Vessel` like '%roll%' then 'Exclude'
            when `Vessel` like '%adv%' then 'Exclude'
     	when IFNULL(`Vessel`, 'Y')='Y' then 'Exclude'
     	when trim(`Vessel`) = '' then 'Exclude'
     	else 'Include'

    try that out..

  • One thing to be careful of though with IFNULL is that if Vessel happened to have a value of Y It would also be excluded. I'd recommend using @MarkSnodgrass 's version using an explicit IS NULL check or alternatively combining your '' check and the NULL check together since you do have an explicit string you're wanting to exclude:

    	when `Vessel` like '%RB%' then 'Exclude'
            when `Vessel` like '%roll%' then 'Exclude'
            when `Vessel` like '%adv%' then 'Exclude'
     	when TRIM(IFNULL(`Vessel`, ''))='' then 'Exclude'
     	else 'Include'

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