Asana Connector - Get hours allocated to a task


Using the Asana connector I have gone through all the available datasets and can't find the hours allocated to a task anywhere.

Use case: Use Domo to create a table of team members's resourcing levels by hours on a daily basis.


  • artywah
    artywah Member

    Update: I've contacted Asana support and they can't help as they didn't build the connector, @domo did.

    I've raised a ticket with Domo support but nobody has done anything with the ticket #05792388

  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @artywah it takes time for the information to get to the correct team. Consider emailing your CSM the issue, make sure to include the ticket number, they may be able to go direct to the connectors team.

    I recently wrote an article in the DataCrew community that might help you understand your range of options if you can't wrangle the connector into running.

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