Connecting with Marketo to count email messages

ninagonzalez Member
edited May 2021 in Connectors

How do we bring Marketo data into DOMO so we can count how many emails a lead received before making a purchase?



  • MarkSnodgrass

    Did you look in the Domo Appstore for Marketo? There is a Marketo Dashboard that you can add to your instance that will build out some cards for you as well as the datasets behind it. There is also a Marketo Connector that has a number of different datasets that you can pull to get the information you need.

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  • ninagonzalez

    Yes, we looked at the connectors available, which is basically either Activity or Lead and the Activity info seems to not be relational to the leads. I suspect we have to bring in a lot of reports and then group them into one data set. this is definitely a lot of work. And yet this use case must be common. So I wonder if someone already figured it out. We want more info on the customer journey. We send many emails. Now we want to determine what is the min max and average number of emails to conversion. Thanks for your help.