Color rules - logic based on other columns


Often times with color rules, we want to base the color on the value of another column. Few examples:

1) There is a Value Column and a Goal Column:

-When the value is greater than or equal to the goal, color Green

-When the value is less than the goal red

2) Color the Value column by a calculation:

-When the value is under the standard deviation, color green, else red

These examples are very similar as in both cases we would use columns to compare the values to determine the color scale. In either case the goal value or the calculation can be done at the source or in beast mode.

The issue I am seeing is that we cannot build any comparative logic into any card except an HTML table. This is problematic for KPIs in particular because tables are not necessarily a visually pleasing. For everything else you need to hard code the color settings, which is an issue when you have data updating each month and the rules need to change.

Anyone know of a way to perform this logic in visuals other than a table?





  • ST_-Superman-_

    You can do something similar to this by getting creative with a heatmap.

    In the heatmap option, I am actually using the % variance as the value that I am graphing and then pulling in the values I want to display as tooltips:

    Unfortunately, short of some html tagging, I am not aware of a way to do this within a table.

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