Domo IDEAs Conference - Beast Modes - Images and Hyperlinks


Greetings! This is another post highlighting a beast mode from my Domo IDEAs conference session. This one covers how to display images and make hyperlinks.


How do I display an image or create a hyperlink to allow users to click on?


We can utilize some HTML tags to display a hyperlink or an image. In this example An image is being used as the clickable object for the hyperlink. The target="_blank" tells the browser to open the link in a new window instead of the current window. `User ID` contains the ID going to the part of the URL. `Profile Picture URL` contains the URL of the image to display.

-- Author:
-- Created:
-- Last Modified:
-- Description: Utilizes some HTML code to:
-- 1. Make a link using <A HREF...>...</A>
-- 2. Display an image using <IMG SRC=...>
-- Uses CONCAT to join the entire HTML code string together
-- Notes:
-- This is only useable in an HTML table type card
CONCAT('<A HREF="', `User ID`, '" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="', `Profile Picture URL`, '"></A>')


This is allowed within a Mega Table or an HTML table.

Only http, https and mailto protocols are supported, any other protocol will be removed.

For more information refer to this Knowledge base article:

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