Drop down list - similar to data validation in Excel



Currently I have a file in my SharePoint that I maintain daily (adding new information).

My goal is to upload the file as a dataset in DOMO and to further maintain the needed information here and not in the SharePoint but I wish to keep the data options in certain columns limited by having a dropdown option in each cell with 4 options available so I can pick one of them.

Basically what I need is something similar to the data validation option from Excel.

Example below:


  • MarkSnodgrass

    The Domo Webform is where you would typically maintain information, but unfortunately, it does not have any validation capabilities or ability to create a dropdown list.

    You could build a custom app if you really wanted to maintain this information in Domo.

    You might also consider using one of the SharePoint Connectors in the App Store. This way, you could keep your Excel file where it is and Domo would just automatically pull in the data from it. Search SharePoint in the App Store to see the list of connectors.

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