SubTotal Category Remaining Amount: How to calculate difference between two columns

How to display the value of "Remaining Amount' in subtotal category:

I have the following scenario, using a Pivot table Displaying the budget amount and actual amount along with remaining amount.

for every subcategory I do not want to display remaining amount if either value budget or Actual value is 0.

However I will still like to display a value for remaining amount if either the Budget or Actual value exist (My understanding is that I the value rolls up and adds to display subtotal values).

Below is the formula's I used to calculate Remaining Amount in BeastMode calculation.



sum(case when `Transaction_Type` = 1 then `Amount` else 0 end) =0


sum(case when `Transaction_Type` = 0 then `Amount` else 0 end) =0

then 0


sum(case when `Transaction_Type` = 1 then `Amount` else 0 end)


sum(case when `Transaction_Type` = 0 then `Amount` else 0 end)


Thank you



  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor


    Instead of 0 in your code can you put '' in the beast mode. So if budget or actual value is 0 then '' .

    Does that give you what you need?


  • Hi @msharma

    Because the way pivot tables behave and the fact that subtotals are an all or nothing setting what you're looking to do isn't possible at this time.

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  • @msharma ,

    @rahul93 is partially correct, if you put a '' in your ELSE clause you will convert your beastmode into a string. It therefore wouldn't format or behave like a number after that point. probably not desireable.

    To get 'nothing' as Rahul is recommending, you can however use ELSE NULL

    sum(case when `Transaction_Type` = 1 then `Amount` else null end) 
    -- or
    sum(case when `Transaction_Type` = 1 then `Amount` end) =0

    Now that said you have to be careful with null

    if you take

    5 - NULL

    the result witll be NULL

    @GrantSmith talks about this at the IDEAS Exchange Conference,


    test if your amounts net to 0 if so replace with null

    when sum(case when ... then amount else 0 end) - sum(case when ... then budget else 0 end) = 0 then null 
    else sum(case when ... then amount else 0 end) - sum(case when ... then budget else 0 end)


    Null and 0 are not the same thing.

    If i had 5 dollars and spent 5 dollars i have zero dollars left.

    That's different from I spent nothing and i had no budget therefore the value should be null.

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  • rahul93
    rahul93 Contributor


    Hi, using a '' doesn't convert the field into a string field. I just tested it and it works as a numeric field. See screenshots