Domo Everywhere - Private Embed with pfiltering - anyone done this with Inline Edit?


We set up Domo everywhere to work with pfiltering via a security overlay app.

the idea is to not have to set up external partners with id's in domo and prevent accidental sharing of sensitive information.

one thing we want to do with our vendors though is to enable them to update the status of the progress of their work. we had planned to use inline edit, but the inline edit app is prompting us for a sso login within the embedded dashboard. Anyone familiar with this and know a way to resolve this?



  • jaeW_at_Onyx


    you're describing a couple different things.

    1) security should be handled with PDP. full stop. Use PDP.

    2) you want to embed inline editor. What's the problem with SSO login? is that not desired behavior? How would you like the experience to be different?

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  • AndreF


    Hi Jae - PDP would require us to make the vendor a user in Domo which would create the risk which we are trying to avoid.

    The security with pfiltering works wonderfully well for the embedded dashboard. no issues. The user logs into sso from the login screen and can navigate to all the dashboard pages without issue.

    The issue is that within those dashboard pages are inline editor cards that are forcing a secondary login via sso. This is not the experience we want, to have the user log multiple times to access their page.

  • JonavilCello

    hmn.. how about trying to create an external Publication group?

    you don't need to add them in your Domo instance. you just have to add them in OKTA.


    External Publication Groups