Embed error, duplicate of dashboard does not work

We're getting an error returned based on the embed we are trying. Private embed.




​{​"status":404,"statusReason":"Not Found","toe":"1T0CBEN7LS-682ON-K3KSH"}​

this one works:


dashboard gJ6z3 is a duplicate of mZ713, all the settings are the same



  • Hi @ravimohan911

    Have you tried updating the embed type to Off (save) then back to Private (save)? Have you confirmed that URL is correct for that new page under Admin -> Domo Everywhere -> Dashboards?

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  • Echo @GrantSmith comment.

    I had a similar issue. did this and the url changed. it was no longer saying public in the url but private, and issue was resolved.

  • @GrantSmith Thanks, I tried that, no luck!

    Yes, I've been using the Admin -> Domo Everywhere -> Dashboards. It is a very useful page to see all the embeds/owners/views etc. I've also tried turning embeds off/on here as well as in each of the dashboard settings.

    @AndreF Thanks for the heads up, unfortunately that doesn't seem to be the problem in our case. All are listed as "Private" (we don't have the "Public" setting even turned on in our Domo instance).

    The only difference I can think of between the "old" embed IDs (created in March) and the new embed IDs (created in April) is that we have had white labelling enabled for our instance - could that cause a problem?

    We are stumped. We've tried swapping out just an "old" embed ID (ie all the other html/js stays the same, we just replace the embed IDs), they will work, but any "new" id will not work.

  • @ravimohan911

    I'd suggest reaching out to Domo Support since it sounds like an internal / backend issue.

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  • Yes, I submitted a support ticket last Friday, had some communication and a Zoom with a full review/demo of the situation. It's been escalated and seems likely a Domo problem; hopefully they can get it sorted today/tomorrow.

    We appreciate your input Grant!

  • It turns out we need to share the dashboard with the account that created the embed authentication client in order for it to show up in the embed on our site. 

    a. The programmatic embed in our site has an authenticating token attached to it; that token is associated with the a particular Domo account. This means the dashboard to be embedded must be shared with that account

    b. The token is made up of a unique ClientID (string) and Secret (string). It is generated using the developers "Create New Client" interface within Domo. 

    It would be helpful if this information (dashboard/card to be embedded must be shared with the account that created the client authentication) was made explicit in the programmatic authentication and create new client documentation.

    Hopefully this post will help others!