Domo encountered an error proxying your request: 500


I have an API running in postman successfully, but when I am trying to perform the same using DOMO custom connector it gives the below error.

Domo encountered an error proxying your request: 500

Can someone through some light on this? not sure what this error means, Where I can get the full details of error logs?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @User_32236

    500 (see simply means an internal server error (essentially Domo had an issue processing your API request). It's an HTTP response code. Typically when I've seen 500 error in the past it's because of malformed data being sent to the API call. Have you confirmed you're sending the same data via postman and via your custom connector script in the same package / envelope / format?

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @User_32236 ,

    Are you hitting a Domo internal API or an external API? Domo has restrictions on which internal APIs can be hit.

    For more details on the error you can email and they'll forward your issue to the connectors team.

    Alternatively there is a Connector Support email <>

    Jae Wilson
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  • User_32236

    @jaeW_at_Onyx ,

    this is external API(Qualtrics Survey results).

    Yes I have started discussing with DOMO support team on this issue.

  • User_32236


    Yes I am using same API with same parameters, I thought it could be because of the limitations(API response is >50MB) displaying in IDE.

    I see same same error even after publishing the custom connector.