Workbench 5 Crashes w/ custom plugin


Hello Domo Experts,

I am having problems trying to create a custom, transform, plugin for Workbench.

Workbench 5.0.7: When I use Visual Studio to create a new plugin, with no changes to the default code, and add it to WB, everything is fine until I try to configure the Transforms option. When I do this WB crashes.

When I uninstall WB 5.0 and Install 5.1 Beta, and reinstall the VS plugin a couple of things happen:

  1. The references to the DLLs in the project are messed up. They need to be deleted and re-added
  2. The project builds but WB will not find the plugin to add it

Any ideas on how to get this working in either environment?

Also, does anyone have any documentation, video or other specs on how to create a transform plugin?



  • GrantSmith

    Domo documentation is lacking in this aspect. I'd recommend you get in touch with your CSM to see if they can assist or get their development team to help.

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  • mattAnonomatic

    Hi Grant,

    Yes it is. What I have found out since is that we are the first people to build a commercial plugin for Domo.

    The Domo Workbench development team was actually very helpful in solving the problems we encountered. Sorry for anyone reading this later on but at this point I do not remember exactly which problem we encountered prompted me to post this question.

    What I can say is a lot of the feedback we provided to Domo will be incorporated into the next GA release of Workbench.