Cards are not sharing Properly while sharing the dashboards to the user


Hi Team,

I have created new role access in DOMO which was inherited from the participant role without including the "Export option" in it. It means that nobody can export anything from cards or pages.

My problem is, when I am sharing the dashboards to the people who have my custom role can see the dashboards on the left side of the DOMO page. But inside the dashboard the cards are showing as "Request Access". I have not enabled any of the PDP's in the dataset but also the cards are showing like this.

If I remove those people's access from the dashboard and add them again to the dashboard access they can able to see the cards.

What could be problem in my case?



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @user069416 ,

    just to clarify, you're sharing dashboards with people. but after the initial share they don't have access.

    Then you remove them and add them again they have access?

    if yes, that sounds like a bug, take it up with

    but test it first. share a new dashboard (with cards that people don't already have access to) then have them try accessing. Remind the user to refresh their browser just in case page history is cached.

    Side note, but not directly related to your problem. Don't share content with individuals, to scale your implementation and manage sustainably, share content with groups.

    Jae Wilson
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  • MichelleH

    @user069416 Were you ever able to figure this out? There are users in our instance experiencing a similar issue, so I am trying to determine whether I need to reach out to support.

  • Shawn_S

    I had this issue today. I have a dashboard that is a landing page with links to 4 sub-dashboards. I granted access to the group of 150+ leadership members to each of the 4 sub-dashboards. The main dashboard/landing page showed the group had access.

    At the end of the day yesterday, I sent out the communication about the new dashboards. This morning, my east coast leaders started requesting access to several cards from the landing page. Odd, I thought. What they are requesting access to is the image logo, the text boxes, etc.

    I had a couple of them confirm they had full access to the sub-dashboards, and they did.

    So after finding this thread, I removed the group access to the landing page/main dashboard and regranted it. Seems like that worked.

    Wanted to share in case:

    1) others have a similar issue and the permissions don't carry over from sub-dashboards

    2) perhaps this is a bug that needs to be addressed, this is a possible solution