What is wrong with my Pivot - Uncollapse Columns? Showing Null


Hey I'm trying to pivot a column, but the new columns are all null

Here is the original data

This is how I've set up the pivot info

This is the output I get:

Originally not every Customer_ID had ever Level(1/2/3) I thought this was the cause of the nulls but I've fixed it so every Customer_ID has all levels and still the issue persists.

What am I missing?



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    Interesting @Crisocir to make sure you're doing apples to apples in your screenshot, please next time make sure we're looking at the same customer_id in each screenshot.

    i notice that your data type of Level_0 appears to be numeric instead of integer... or at least that's what the UI suggests.

    Try changing the type to Integer or Text to see if that makes a difference.

    1.0 <> 1


    1 <> '1'

    depending on the system you're using.

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  • Crisocir

    Yup that was it thank you!