How to have a world map that enables selection (and drill-down) by continent?

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I'm trying to build a card with values related to several locations across the globe.

The drill-down path would consist of 3 levels:

- Global level: a world map that would let me choose a continent. Displays data aggregated by continent.

- Continent level: a map of the selected continent, which would let me choose a country. Displays data aggregated by country.

- Country level: a chart displaying values for each of the locations within a country. (Need not be a map chart.)

Reading the information about maps in the documentation, I've encountered the following apparent limitations:

- The world map allows selection by country, not by continent. Is there a way to customize the unit of selection?

- In Domo, each continent has its own chart. This seems to imply that the chart we reach by "drilling down" from the world map would depend on the selection made in the level above. I don't know if that's possible.

Is there a way to tackle these problems?


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  • GrantSmith
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    Hi @danidiaz

    • You'd need to create a new custom SVG Map to define the continent segments.
    • Domo doesn't support conditional chart selection as part of a drill down filter so you wouldn't be able to click on a continent to list the different countries is in it.
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