How do I show a delta value for specific bars in a stacked bar chart?

Neko Member
edited March 2021 in Charting

I need a waterfall chart that supports stacked bars. Since DOMO's waterfall chart currently doesn't support stacked waterfalls I'm creating a waterfall effect using a stacked bar chart. For example:

This requires me to duplicate the data from the first bar to the second bar and then visually hide it. However, I don't want the value above the second bar to show the sum "175M". I only want to show the delta value between the first and third bars (like "17M").

Is it possible to show only the delta value between the major columns?

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can offer!


  • Hi @Neko

    It's not currently possible as you can't conditionally set a bar total based on the bar number and also because how the stacked bar chart interprets your data. I'd recommend submitting an idea for a stacked waterfall graph on the idea exchange: Ideas Exchange

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