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I am first time poster sorry if this is an obvious question.

In Jupyter workspace, is everything stored in the Domo cloud? Do I need to have python etc. installed locally on my machine?

Are there other Domo tools etc to help explore Data?




  • GrantSmith

    Hi John (@Jobur )

    Jupyter workspace is all self contained within the Domo environment. You don't need to have anything installed locally.

    If you want to do your analysis locally you could get python / jupyter installed on your local machine and then utilize the pydomo package to pull data from Domo as well.

    Domo cards are great for getting quick looks at your data and Dataset Views (in beta, talk with your CSM to get it enabled) are good as well to get simple aggregate views of your data as well.

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  • Jobur
    Jobur Member

    Thanks Grant 😀