bulk updates to cards

Hello, I would like to remove a filter that applied to multiple cards. Instead of going to each card and removing the filter, is it possible to do bulk updates to all cards?

P.s the filter is based on an actual field in the dataset and not a beast mode filter.

Any responses will be greatly appreciated.


  • Sam1
    Sam1 Member

    I don't believe this is possible.

    If you had applied the filter from a filter view (this is a beta product, talk to your CRM if you want it) then you could have changed the filters applied to each page and saved those, instead of card by card. You could also create a new dataflow for the underlying dataset for those cards and update the filters there. Short of those I'm not sure that there is a way to bulk-update filters.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi @akshayaviswanathan Simple answer - @Sam1 is correct... no. There is no bulk update

    technical And complex answer:

    Utilize the Java CLI to export your card definitions as JSON (backup-card command). Write a script to clean these files to remove the filter from the JSON definition Restore the cards from the updated JSON using the CLI and the restore-card command

    If you go this route I’d recommend keeping an original backup of the cards.

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