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I have a gauge filled chart built that has been working each month and is now showing an error. The field I am using for the time period is Date Closed and now it makes me pick a Max Or Min. That was never showing before. Is this a change? I am trying to show the Ave Days to Close incidents base on Previous Month compared to one year ago. So a period over period graph using the filled gauge.

My formula for the Gauge Values is the following:

ROUND(AVG(DATEDIFF(`Investigation End Date`,`Investigation Start Date`)),0)

Nothing seems to work in the Date Filter either. Not sure what it wants.

Sample of when it did work

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  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user082291

    has something changed with your date fields? Are there now nulls in your date field?

    Can you try an alternate method for calculating date difference by using UNIX_TIMESTAMP?


    ROUND(AVG((UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`Investigation End Date`-UNIX_TIMESTAMP(`Investigation Start Date`))/60/60/24),0)


    simply it’s calculating the number of seconds between the two dates and converting them to data using division

    I’m on mobile so there may be some syntactical errors.

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  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @user082291 , convert your card into a table card and confirm that it still retrieves values.

    Also, are you confident that your EndDate and StartDate never contain nulls?

    If it does contain nulls, can you confirm that the math still works as desired.

    ROUND(AVG(DATEDIFF(`Investigation End Date`,`Investigation Start Date`)),0)

    Also, Domo recently (i'd say in the last 5 weeks) changed the functionality of Domo such that you can't wrap aggregate functions (AVG) inside another function (ROUND). This may or may not be part of your problem, but do try removing the ROUND() function and see if it works, first as a table card, then as a gauge.

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