Combining Data Points after Split Column


Hello! I'm attempting to get a new column that shows flight dates/run dates. The original data is located in a Line Item column (screen 1) and after a Split Column action (screen 2), the flight dates/run dates end up split over several different columns because the # of _delimiters in the original column isn't the same. Does anyone have specific ideas for how to group the flight dates/run dates back together so that they're all in the same column?

Thank you in advance!


  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    if the dates are always at the end, instead of using a SPLIT, calculate from the back (using RIGHT and SUBSTRING)

    Alternatively, if you're confident the dates are always the last value, the use COALESCE() starting from the last column

    coalesce(`flight date 1`, `global, client`, `product program`)

    recall, coalesce will always take the first non-null value.

    then use a test on the new column to see if it contains dates. (split on hyphen and check if the results are formatted as a date.

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