Show x-series minutes with no data.



I'd like to have a graph by minute and a heatmap for the last 60 minutes of a live data feed, at the moment because the X-series is data driven if data stops coming in the x series stops at the latest minute available in the data.

I'd like the graph to always show the past 60 minutes even if data hasn't arrived, and because this is a live streaming data feed I can't do this in ETL.

I have a couple of ideas but does anyone have a suggestion / best practice for this?

Thanks, Ash.


  • GrantSmith

    What you'd need to do is have a dimension table of all times within a given day on a minute by minute basis. You can then utilize a DataSet View (instantly updates when underlying data updates. Might still be in beta. Talk with your CSM) to left join your data to this time dimension table. Then you can graph by the time for the last 60 minutes which would have nulls for the times where you don't have any data and force Domo to display those times.

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