Community Forums Overview and Walkthrough

AnnaYardley Admin
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If you're new to the Community Forums, or just want to make sure you know all the ins and outs of the Community, watch this short video to get caught up to speed:

Do you have more questions about using Domo's Community Forums? Ask them in the comments below.


  • Thank you, @amehdad21. I hadn't seen it yet and will take a look.

  • I work with DataMaven, and just joined the Dojo. I am excited to get started, but the system is not allowing me to edit my profile, upvote, comment, react, etc. @Anna Yardley - Can you please check on my account and see if there is something I need to do to repair this? Thanks!

  • Actually...It's letting me edit my profile now, perhaps something on the back end needed to catch up.

  • @MontanaLofthouse I'm glad it's working now. Since you just joined the Dojo, you likely weren't approved on the backend while it wasn't letting you engage. Glad you're here!