Filtering Dashboards Containing Multiple DataSets For Non-Common Fields


I have one DataSet containing Customer ID # and transaction type. My other DataSet also contains Customer ID #, has other customer information, but doesn't contain the transaction type seen in DataSet 1. 


Ideally, I'd like to have a Dashboard level filter for the transaction type in the first DataSet so that when I filter for a specific transaction type, the other cards on the DataSet filter for only customers who have had that transaction type.


I don't think this is possible in the way I'm describing it, but does anyone have advice for setting something up similar to this? Is it possible to set up filters that aren't present in all DataSets on a dashboard level?


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @johnmurphy11 

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    Sadly you can't filter on a column in one dataset and then cause Domo to filter the page on a different column on the page.


    To get around this you'd likely need to create a Dataset View (Beta, talk with your CSM to get started if you don't have it) - Alternatively you could do this is a Magic ETL but I like views better for this - where you join the two datasets together based on the customer ID. Then your cards on that page would use this new dataset as their source instead of the two separate ones. You would need to look out for cardinality issues where it might cause duplicate records depending on how / what you're graphing.

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